Dear Friends:

I would much rather be sitting across from you and having this conversation, but circumstances today do not allow this to happen.  I know that all of us are making adjustments to the way we live, and we truly miss our times of fellowship at the church.  I believe the fellowship of the saints is something that has been taken for granted and when this pandemic is under control we will treasure being together in a deeper way.

Some personal news:

Some of you may know that our daughter Julene lives in our basement suite.

Recently two of Julene’s adult children have had to return home because of the Corona virus.

Our family has had to make some adjustments.

Jackson has come home from Vancouver where he has been working as an apprentice heavy duty mechanic.

Brynne has returned home from Millar College of the Bible when classes were suspended for the year by the Saskatchewan government. She is presently living with her father in Kelowna.

Ryan is trying to finish his grade 12 year through courses on the internet.

Julene has just recently been laid off from her job at Emco plumbing wholesale.

So, if you would remember to pray for Julene and her family it would be deeply appreciated.

We have a small (tiny house) in our back yard that I have insulated and paneled so that Jackson can have a private place.

for himself.  The colder temperatures at night haven’t dampened his spirits any and we marvel at the resilience of young people.

Eunice and I have enjoyed a quieter time but that has been ramped up with a house full of people.

Eunice’s mom, now 103 years old, is in a care home called Coldstream Meadows. We are not allowed to visit and so we spend time on the phone with her.

My older brother Roy is in Noric House and he too is under quarantine. It was his birthday this past week, so Eunice and I went to the home to sing for him.  We had to stand outside the fenced off area to keep our distance.

This world will never be the same after this pandemic. Nor should it be the same for the church.

If you have a prayer concern or just want to connect with us, feel free to contact the church office.

Devotional from Psalm 91

Read Psalm 91

I’ve noticed this has become a very popular psalm during this time of crisis.

Let me share some great truths that will encourage you in your faith journey.

A bit of background:

 We’re not sure who the writer is but it does have some similar language that Moses uses in his farewell address to the children of Israel.  (Deut. 32)

The Jewish Talmud refers to this psalm as “the song of plagues”. So, it’s not just a psalm of protection and rescue for difficult issues of life, but it is very specific in addressing the topic of pestilence, and overwhelming disease. 

The theme of this psalm is God is totally trustworthy.   Although it is addressed to Israel there are great truths for the Church as well. 

In the first two verses we have the assurance of God’s protection.  The assurance comes from the four different names that are used of God.

God Most High:  The Hebrew name is Elyon.  The meaning of this name is there is no other source of strength and power that is greater than God Most High.  This name for God is often used in describing God’s protection from the attacks of armies, and disease and anything that Satan can throw at the people of God.

The second name used of God is Almighty the Hebrew name is Shaddai.  Shaddai refers to the God who provides.   The God who provides all we need for life and godliness.  The God who sustains life on earth for those who trust in Him.

The third name is the LORD.  ALL CAPITALIZED The Hebrew name is Yaweh.  This Hebrew name was used of God after the Jews were delivered out of Babylon.  The name was so sacred to the Jews that they never would insert the vowels when they wrote this name for God.  What a reverence there was for the name. This name means the God who saves. 

The fourth name is my God.  A personal name for Messiah.  What a beautiful name it is when it is a personal declaration of a Saviour.  The meaning of this name is the one who is totally trustworthy as the Saviour of those who put their trust in Him.

When we find God to be our total source of power and strength to overcome all the attacks of a fallen world orchestrated by Satan:

When we find God to be our total supplier of what we need to sustain our life:

When we find God to be our deliverer from the hands of our enemy:

And when we find God to be totally trustworthy because of His word to us:

Then we can rest in the shelter of the Most High and live in the shadow (closeness) of the Almighty.

Rest and peace are what we need more than anything else during these days of uncertainty.  I believe God is teaching the church great truths in these turbulent times. 

May you experience God in this way as you find Him to be all sufficient for every need.  Enjoy His rest and His peace.

Love to all,

Pastor Larry